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BE SINCERE!! How Disappointed Are You When You Confirmed INEC Had Postponed The Election?

Late last night, we broke the News about the Election been postponed HERE and everyone thought it was a False News

This country is a big joke, I don’t think you and I need any confirmation again to know Naija is a shit country as mentioned by US President Donald Trump.

Imagine, just 10 hours to Election – then, it was postponed I weep for the present and future of this Country.

Uncountable numbers of Nigerians traveled from one place to another, Most of them even left for their home state so they can participate in the Election only to know it has been postponed and you all would ask them to Vote again later? Hell No.

It’s sad the masses don’t have any way to deal with situations like this, I wish we can force them to do the right thing, this is totally unacceptable

Am sincerely disappointed in this APC led Government, this is the height of it all. I give up on them.

Be Sincere, How Did You Feel When You Hear About The Election Been Postponed?
We want to hear from you all.

Drop your comments.

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