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Bola Tinubu cars, mansions & fabled net worth from his life in politics

Nigeria’s economy? Find out as Naijauto explores Bola Tinubu cars, mansions & net worth of the Jagaban!

Few people in history have achieved the status of being called the richest of their times; Solomon, Jeff Bezos, and if you are talking about Nigeria politicians, the man known as the Jagaban, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

1. About Bola Tinubu

It continues to astonish many how this man rose from being one of many lowly senators in Nigeria’s truncated 3rd republic to becoming commander in chief of Africa’s most important party, the ruling APC, as well as the most powerful kingmaker in Nigeria.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu has served 2 terms as the governor of the most privileged state in the country – Lagos. Though he is chiefly known as a politician, Bola Tinubu’s cars, mansions and net worth attract no less attention from the public than does his career. 

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Bola Tinubu is clearly one of the richest politicians in Nigeria. Rumors abound that he owns half the economic power in the whole country. We don’t know the validity of these claims, but Bola Tinubu himself allegedly once made a very controversial comment regarding his wealth. He said he’s richer than the whole Osun state. Notably, the comment was made during one of his campaigns.

His remarks about his assets persuade many people into believing that he might well be the richest man in Nigeria and not just the richest governor in Nigeria. What do you think? Join us on Naijauto.com as we explore how rich he truly is:

2. Bola Tinubu’s net worth

Frankly speaking, the only fact Nigerians can verify is the extent of Tinubu’s power, as no one can really confirm how much he is worth. That doesn’t stop the gossip mills from spinning furiously though as speculations continue to pour in about his Dollar and cents worth. Based on the power he has accrued through politics, you can bet your last Naira that he goes smiling to the bank often. Or does he? When he needs cash, the Jagaban just orders it brought to is Ikoyi palace in bullion vans. Yep, see swagga, right?

Suffice it to say that there is enough money to go round for three generations. However, drawing from news about his acclaimed visible assets, Tinubu’s net worth has been estimated to be $8.4 billion (₦3 trillion, 46 billion), making him the richest politician in Nigeria. Some assets he’s believed to own include Oando PLC, the largest locally owned oil-producing company in Nigeria with yearly revenue of about ₦449 million, the 5-star ultra-luxuriousLagosOriental Hotel, where the cheapest suite goes for ₦59,000 per night,and several other expensive assets scattered across Nigeria. We’re pretty sure the media doesn’t even know the half of it yet. 

Quite apart from these properties mentioned above, Tinubu also guarantees his fortune through multiple other sources; namely, the money from Joint ownership of the ultra-modern Tejuoso Market, First Nation Airline, The Nations Newspapers, TVC Television and Radio, Trojan Estate, Lekki Concession Company, Oando Oil, Renaissance Hotel, Ikeja Shopping Mall, Lakowe, and the list goes on. 

3. Bola Tinubu cars: Toy collection of Nigeria’s kingmaker

As a famous president of the U.S, Truman, once said: “You can never get rich in politics, unless…”. You probably need to find out the rest of that quote yourself because it’s not so good.


The former Lagos State Governor rolls in a fleet of high-end vehicles

Talking about the type of cars that adorn his garages, it appears that Bola Tinubu doesn’t have to worry too much about buying his own vehicles, as a visit to his home of another politician, the ruling President Muhammadu Buhari has revealed a shocking truth.

If you were giving an estimate, how many cars do you think is the maximum an individual should possess? Let’s do some basic math here! If you’re a normal person, you’d probably need 2 cars, a big one like a good minivan or an SUV if you have a large family and maybe another car for your personal use. Let’s say you’re a car freak who likes to participate in car races, another off-roader might be introduced to your car fleet. Lastly, if you need to frequently carry heavy items around, a semi-truck could be a good choice. That sums up to a total of 4 cars if you can afford them.

Back to Bola Tinubu, how many cars do you think he has? Round of applause for those who got it right. It’s a whopping 30 cars.


This is not the first time Bola Tinubu “accepted” cars gift from someone

That certainly spark some questions in Buhari, but Bola Tinubu dodged those questions politely by saying those cars were just given to him by some supposed admirers. It’s notable that this is not the first time Tinubu has received these many cars. 

Last year, after a bomb attack directed at Bola Tinubu, his armored SUV was severely damaged and is not safe to use again. Rotimi Amaechi, the governor of Rivers State, gave him a brand new fleet of SUVs. Bola Tinubu, again, doesn’t seem to care about the origin or the motive behind those cars.


Bola Tinubu has a habit of never asking the intention or source of cars he received

2.1. Bola Tinubu Jeep Prado

The armored Jeep Prado is always at the top of armoured vehicle list of anyone interested in this car segment.

This model would ensure the safety of Tinubu should he encounter another bomb attack like the one last year. The 2.8L diesel engine with 6-speed manual transmission gives the best out of a 7-seater. Cruise controlling, smart rides and auto-air conditioning make each ride special in this vehicle.


Jeep Prado is among top choices when it comes to armored vehicles

According to our research, a normal Jeep Prado 7-seater costs around ₦22 million for the base model, so this armored vehicle with upgraded features would be priced no less than ₦50 million.

2.2. Bola Tinubu Land Rover Range Rover

Recently, news has been circling around the Internet regarding Bola Tinubu new armored Land Rover Range Rover. Some sources report that this Range Rover, together with the Jeep Prado above and another armored vehicle were purchased by a governor named Babatund Raji Fashola.

Now, this is pretty disconcerting as Bola Tinubu is the political godfather of Babatunde and so this incident certainly sparks some question over the integrity of the two people, especially when the sum total of the cargo was estimated at around ₦600 million.


The transportation of two armored vehicles was photographed 

In addition to that, there’s a picture believed to be another car shipment for Tinubu. I don’t know if this shipment is linked to the one above, but the Black Land Rover and Jeep Prado in the picture look deceptively similar to the ones above.


It was believed to be the Bola Tinubu cars shipment at an open warehouse space

2.3. Bola Tinubu’s other cars

Remember the car collection of Tinubu reaches 30 or more? Besides the aforementioned armed vehicles, Bola Tinubu is storing plenty of luxury automobiles inside his garage. However, few people can get access to his home and even President Buhari got shocked when seeing his car fleet.

That’s why Naijauto journalists can only get more information about his cars through pics of him travelling outside. Let’s take a look at these following pictures!


The politician often travels on a Toyota SUV or a Mercedes-Benz


Tinubu & Buhari talk along with his luxury Lexus

Of course, the list goes on, and we suspect his car fleet will have the presence of most luxury models in the country, ranging from Mercedes-Benz all body styles, Porsche, Chevy, Lexus, to BMW or Ford etc. If you happen to see his cars on the road, you can email us to make the list more complete!

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