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Cosmetics, Makeup, Accessories and Adornment in Celestial

Cosmetics, Makeup, Accessories and Adornment in Celestial; A must Read for all CCC Women

This is one of the most discussed issues in the church and house of God today in a world where the use of all the above is quite a necessity to be regarded as beautiful and pleasant.

Cosmetics was a thing of beautifying in the scriptures

Esther 2;12
Esther used oils of myrrh, sweet odor and purification before appearing before the king Ahaseurus

Cosmetics, Makeup is not bad in fact it is a good thing to appear before God beautiful but how;

The house of God is not a club or a party pub, it is a place where the glory of God resides.
You must portray the glory of God not the glory of the world.
You must not bring shame into the house of God courtesy of dressing or cosmetics

Every Makeup has a language: it tells who you are: A Queen or a Slut, it tells whether you carry favor or you are seeking attention or to be noticed

1 Timothy 2;9
In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel with shamefacedness and sobriety.

Modesty is the secret of Godly adornment. Modesty reveals simplicity, humility and virtues.
Modesty is understanding your limitations and embracing it

*Use Light Makeup not Heavy Makeup
*Don’t makeup like a slut or masquerade, like someone who did facepainting making people speak against God because of it
*Let your makeup be modest
*For use of chains and accessories do so in moderation and simplicity
*Let your cap cover your head and hair properly not exposing it
*Let your garments be all covering, non-transparent and not revealing or exposing the glory of God.
*Your Lipstick, Mascara, MaryKay Applications should be very simple and moderate
*Don’t dress like the impoverished or suffering. Let people see the glory of God in you just as Queen Sheba saw the glory of God in Solomon and his aides
* Strike a balance with excess makeup and low makeup
* At times you are beautiful without Makeup. The garment enhances your beauty.
* The Way you Makeup is the way you will be addressed and regarded.
* Proper Makeup and adornment can attract good things and favor for you just as it did for Esther.
* As you adorn and makeup your outer body, never forget to makeup the inner you with virtues, character, inner beauty.

By Tola Adele

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