This is an alert to the great scam going on around ibeju-Lekki in Lagos state.
Yesterday 03 Oct 2019 a young boy who was employ as POS operator narrated how he was duped by fake soldiers with the sum of #300,000.
The story goes like this.
Four 4 soldiers 3 where on their camouflage while one is regard as the GENERAL. 
When they came down from their motor and goes to him, They ask him they want to withdraw but they are going to make transfer to him because they are not with their ATM card, and the boy agreed because its an accepted way in running the business,
He gave them their act number to do the transfer into and the next thing they told him is to bring the money that they have already  done the transfer and the alert will be delivered to him soon.
To my biggest surprise without any query/question about the unseen credit alert, the boy gave the money to them.
They left before he could came back to his senses that he did get any credit alert don’t even know if they did any transfer or not (he doesn’t even check if they are debited or not)
All the could say is that he can’t explain what’s is going on with him at that point in time he’s given out the cash.
This same story as been reported for about 3 POS terminal around ibeju Lekki
Imaging what people are doing just to earn a living in this country.
Tho the economy is not friendly but duping your fellow citizens is not an option.

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  1. This is so ridiculous

  2. I my self happen a victim the this horrible development, my was on the 1st Oct independent day at about 2:37pm,three were fully kitted in a solider camouflage and on the camouflage was 81 division badge and one of them who was referred to as commander was on mulfty seat in a tinted Toyota arche color muzzle Camry, that the person who claim performing the transaction exchange is mobile number with me and even flash with is line after frauding of #291800 please my country people I’m highly wick is numer is (09071228343) this happen at Imobido opp lekki Free Zone

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