Starting POS in Nigeria there are some certain things that need to be in place before the business can be hold.


I will firstly tell you the full meaning of POS because most people don’t even know that POS is just a abbreviation, but here I will disclose the full meaning POS = Point Of Sale.

Conditions before Starting POS business

Firstly POS is not a business you can invest on where there is easy access to bank and ATM machine.

You need to look for an area where they don’t have access to banking service or at least they will spent #200 above before getting to bank.

Once you have discover such environment, that is the first condition.

  1. You firstly purchase a kiosk: and it’s will be approximately 35-40k
  2. Don’t locate your business close to thugs base: Locating close to thugs base will not allow people to patronize you because of the fear of robbing them and constituting nuisance.
  3. Problem of debiting customers: At time when service will be bad and unknowingly to you, you will try withdrawing for customer along the process the customer might be debited and you will not be credited, Due to the level of understanding with most customer they will not understand the problem is not from you, Some will even tell you that their money is with you and will stand to collect the money from you.
  4. Moral: The way you address your customers really matters a lot because in a well competitive environment, if you don’t approach your customers in a good matter they will not be encourage to continue patronizing you, they will rather switch to another place, by so doing that you loose customers and you loose profits. So if you’re employing someone to work for you, you must know and study him/her very well before you employ.
  5. Missing of funds: I will say this is the biggest of all because POS is a kind of business that lost of funds can occur anytime and you might not be able to trace it. You need to have that at the back of your mind at first before starting the business, But in other for you to minimize the risk of lost you must make sure your sales rep is smart, intelligent, and can effectively deal with money figures.

Other things you put into consideration are: (1). Your charge rate might varies with customers (2). Some customers will drag you to police station over debit issue

Other issues shall be treated as you comment. Thank You

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