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Ibeju lekki might be sold in the nearest future! See why

As we all know ibeju lekki is a great local government from Lagos state Nigeria.

Facing the Atlantic ocean as given the local government a great opportunity on foreign importation of variety of goods and every other things someone’s can think of when it come to international exchange.

Ibeju lekki owns the the Largest investment in the whole of Africa Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ) Inside the free trade zone the Dangote Refinery which was also the largest Refinery in the continent as a whole (Africa) where sited and other large investment.

But to my biggest surprise with all this huge advantage’s, Ibeju Lekki indigene might end-up gaining nothing from all this due to the greediness of their political leaders and their traditional rulers. (I will not like to dwell much on that)

But They have sold the right/Future of their unborn child’s, all because they want to be enrich politically and financially.

Could you imaging The highest number of ibeju lekki indigene working in the refinery worked as a Labour to the Indian’s and the China’s.

A graduate from ibeju lekki has zero access or right no the refinery and other investment there in the Free Zone. Why! Why!! Why!!!

Directly or Indirectly the right of an indigene of ibeju lekki is fading away.

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