Minzane finally reveal the reasons behind Midnight Train.

On an interview with Minzane on Tuesday, 2nd of October, he reveals the reasons behind his next freestyle single titled Midnight Train and why he is releasing it on the 11th of October.

How has it been with the mixture of school and Music?
Zane: not been easy tho, sometime I get tired of lectures, assignments and reading but I just have to stick my head through to learn some thing. Most times it’s really hard when I have studio sessions, performances and club house or brand appearances to show up to but school got my time at that moment.

So how have you been coping with the shows?
Zane: Before starting a deal with any one, show organizers, brand owners or Artiste, I do make it clear to them that I might be busy Incase I don’t show up. But honestly I really wish to.

You’ve been up and all in your school, how have you been dealing with the fame and all?
Zane: hmmm… not easy tho, you don’t get to know everyone, but almost everyone knows you. Wanna say a big thank you to my course mate in mass Communication department and all.

they gave me their support and this pushed me out to the school at large. And big thanks to every single Soul that contributed and have been contributing to the journey of my success. And me dealing with fame in school. It’s just like every other artiste there in school.

We all famous but only if there is cooperation then I agree with the word famous because I don’t even know most of these artiste.

The school exco’s only get to reach us when there is show or event and has never organize a single one tagged artiste day or rap battle.

Truly we had talents hunt in school I was part of it tho to some extent but we have talents already. We just want a day to show it and not in a competitive way. I hate competitions.

You dumped shield music last year before the release of your single Rewind, why and for what reasons?

Zane: I didn’t dump shield music, I left, don’t mix it up. Shield music has always been part of me even till now. It’s a family thing. And I dropped the Shield contract because I needed time to develop myself and master my sound. Because record label don’t have the whole time to train you. They just want the money out of you. And if you ain’t good enough, they is always a replacement. And that will be a big fall for me.

We heard news of you working with Molak Studio and Boss City Nation after departing shield music, is there any paper work ?
Zane: not at all, just did a few project with them which I have pushed out and some still pending. Nothing more, but they are family to me.

Your fans were expecting Radio, why Midnight Train?
Zane: yes… I suppose to drop Radio and not Midnight Train. This is music. And dropping a freestyle instead of a written single which my fans prefer. Am really sorry about that. And am not sorry too. Because I wanted the best of Radio to come out, I don’t want to disappoint my fans that why am taking time to drop radio.

What is really behind your next freestyle, MidnightTrain?
It’s a freestyle but, sure it has to own meaning. Although it’s a love song. So am giving my fans the opportunity to reason the meaning of the song on their own. I tried as much as possible to make this freestyle easily understandable and not complicated. And am dropping it on my birthday. 11th of October. Your support is all I need and prayers. Although the song was mix and mastered by my former management mate Happy Beesung. He’s good talented friend.

Finally, you haven’t said anything about your love life or relationship. Don’t tell me you don’t have a girl friend.
Zane: smiles, to take this off records. Relationship is complicated for me. But I do have one. Don’t ask me for her name. Before you start accusing me that I called her name Music. (Laugh)

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